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Hosted by   Ritossa Family Office  , a family business dating back 600 years to the time of the Venetian Empire in Europe, and with deep roots into Europe & the Middle East, this is the 9th event in a Global Series covering Dubai, Monaco, and Miami - and the third one in Monaco. The most recent Summit in Dubai made global headlines as the most significant & influential family office gathering of all time. 

Over   450+ Elite Family Offices  ,   Prominent Conglomerate Business Owners  ,   Sheikhs  ,   Royal Families  ,   Private Investment Companies, International Business Moguls, Sovereign Wealth Funds  , &   industry professionals   from around the globe are scheduled to attend, representing   over $4 trillion   in investor wealth and making it   the world's largest and most exclusive gathering of elite family office decision makers  ,   with an investor delegate ratio of 3:1. 

9 th Global Family Office Investment Summit

Hosted by Ritossa Family Office, a family business dating back 600 years to the time of the Venetian Empire in Europe and with deep roots into Europe & the Middle East, this is the 9th event in a Global Series covering Dubai, Monaco, and Miami - and the third one in Monaco. The most recent Summit in Dubai made global headlines as the most significant & influential family office gathering of all time.

Over 450+ Elite Family OfficesProminent Conglomerate Business OwnersSheikhsRoyal FamiliesPrivate Investment Companies, International Business Moguls, Sovereign Wealth Funds, & industry professionals from around the globe are scheduled to attend, representing over $4 trillion in investor wealth and making it the world's largest and most exclusive gathering of elite family office decision makers, with an investor delegate ratio of 3:1.

"The Rise & Rise of Family Offices" is the theme for our Monaco Summit & will act as a bridge between European families, and their Middle East, U.S., Asian, & Latin American counterparts to meet, network and exchange information and ideas to start the journey of discovery and venturing together between likeminded peers in a safe-harbour environment.

The summit is a private forum exclusively organized by family offices for family offices, ultra elite private investors, prominent business owners, Sheikhs, Royal family members, financial families and their private offices from around the world. The summit brings together the world’s leading experts geared toward identifying actionable strategies for generating returns in a low-rate, high volatility market. Facilitated by family offices, the summit will provide two days of private peer-to-peer conversationnetworking and cross-border thought leadership designed to make you think about what to look out for, how you are investing, and why?

“The most highly acclaimed gathering of Global Wealth of all time.”

Summit Host - Anthony Ritossa, Chairman, Ritossa Family Office. Ritossa Olive Oil & Family Office represents the distillation of six hundred years of history - of a grove, a family and a region. The gnarled roots of the Ritossa olive groves have persevered through war and natural disasters, through changes of climate and country, and under the rule of warrior princes, wealthy merchant kings & modern despots. The Family Office is known for their contrarian investments which have included the US Subprime Crisis, the European Sovereign Debt & Banking Crisis, and various strategic PE, RE & Blockchain allocations.

Under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco 9th Global Family Office Investment Summit

A special thank you to our Monaco Summit Advisory Board:

H.R.H. Prince Michel de YougoslavieGrandson of King Umberto of Italy and Prince Paul of Yugoslavia, Monaco

H.E. Sheikh Abdulrhman Abuhaimid, Chairman, Abdulrhman Abuhaimid and Sons Investment Co, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Giuseppe Ambrosio, President, Monaco Single & Multi-Family Office International Association, Monaco

Mohamed Al Ali, CEO & Advisor, Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum International Investments Enterprise, UAE

Markus Lehner, Principal, Markus Lehner Family Office, Monaco

Mehsan Arshad, CIO & Board Member, The Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Theyab Bin Khalifa Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan and MD & CEO Mams Group, UAE

Hadi Al Alawi, Chairman & CEO, Al Hayat Group, Kingdom of Bahrain

Sheila Barry Driscoll, President & Co-Founder, The Billionaire Foundation, USA

Candice Beaumont, CIO, L Investments Family Office, USA

Wendy Craft, COO, Favara Family Office, USA

Summit Partners:

100+ Esteemed Speakers, & Guests of Honour from around the world, some of which include:

H.R.H. Prince Michel de YougoslavieGrandson of King Umberto of Italy and Prince Paul of Yugoslavia, Monaco

H.S.H. Prince Hermann zu Leiningen, Grandson of King Boris III Bulgaria and Granduchess Maria of Russia, Canada

H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Nehayan, UAE

H.H. Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Khalifa, UAE

H.H. Prince Parikshit Singh Rathore, India

H.H. Princess Jahnavi Kumari Mewar, India

H.E. Bernard Fautrier, Vice President & CEO, The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Monaco

H.E. Sheikh Abdulrhman Abuhaimid, Chairman, Abdulrhman Abuhaimid and Sons Investment Co, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Sir Stelios Haji-loannou, Founder of EasyJet Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, Monaco

Count Carl Eduard von Bismarck, former member of the German Parliament, CEO of Bismarck Consulting, Great Grandson of German unifier Otto von Bismarck, Germany

Countess Alessandra von Bismarck, Benefactor, Tech Investor, Art & Film Producer, Germany

H.E. Ms. Sania A. Ansari, ChairPerson, Ansari Group Ltd, UAE

Michel Bouquier, Senior Advisor, Department of Finance & EconomyPrincipauté de Monaco, Monaco

Giuseppe Ambrosio, President, Monaco Single & Multi-Family Office International Association, Monaco

Mohamed Al Ali, CEO & Advisor, Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum International Investments Enterprise, UAE

Ihsan Bafakih, CEO, MASIC, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Justin Rockefeller, Co-founder, The ImPact, Director of Family Offices & Foundations, AddeparRockefeller Brothers Fund, USA

Salem Nasser Salmeen Aleisaei, CEO, Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Nehayan, UAE

Faris Al Tahtamooni, Associate Director - International Ventures, The Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, UAE

Adam Ladjadj, CIO, Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Nehayan, UAE

Hadi Al Alawi, Chairman & CEO, Al Hayat Group, Kingdom of Bahrain

Markus Lehner, Principal, Markus Lehner Family Office, Monaco

Sandro Salsano, Chairman, Salsano Family Office, Panama

Eric Brundage, Owner, Monaco Life, Monaco

Mungo Park, Chairman, Innovator Capital & Co-Founder, CleanEquity, Monaco

John Michael Radziwill, CEO, C Transport Maritime S.A.M., Monaco

Candice Beaumont, CIO, L Investments Family Office, USA

Shahram Hashemi, Partner, Dominion Ventures, part of the Zawawi Family Group, Sultanate of Oman & UAE

Nabil Nazer, CIO, Al Sulaiman Group, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Sheila Barry Driscoll, President & Co-Founder, The Billionaire Foundation, USA

Mitzi Perdue, Chair, Perdue Family Education Committee, USA

Wendy Craft, Chief of Staff, Fulcrum Equities SFO, USA

Francesco Lombardo, Managing Director, Veritage Family Office, Canada

Daniel McVicar, Actor, Director, Writter, USA & Italy

Vera Boissier, Founding Partner, Circle 7 Capital Family Office, Switzerland & Brazil

Nikos Assanis, Chairman, AGC Family Office, USA & Switzerland

Amber Caska, Principal, NEXT Family Office, USA

Dominik von Evnern, Partner, Blu Family Office, United Kingdom

J. Alan Reid, Jr. Managing Member, Reid Partners, USA

Dr. Pierre Sigg, Special Advisor, Saudi Star Corporation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Aneel Ranadive, Managing Partner Soma Capital, & Sacramento Kings Ownership, USA

Nick Ayton, Founder & CEO, Chainstarter, & Family Office Crypto Advisor, United Kingdom

Kerry Adler, President & Chief Executive Officer, SkyPower Global Group of Companies, Canada

R. Boyd Lindsay, Founder & Managing Director, ALPHA MALI, UAE

Dr. John Alexander, Jnr., CIO, Clemson University Foundation, USA

Patrick Markus Aisher, Chairman, Kinled Holding, Switzerland

Fiorenzo Manganiello, Professor of Blockchain Technologies, Geneva Business School, Switzerland

Miko Matsumura, Founder, Evercoin Exchange ICO Advisor, USA

Michael Young, CEO, Mediatrix Capital, Bahamas

Werner Peyer, CEO, Compagnie Monegasque de Banque, Monaco

Katherine Hill Ritchie, Director, Nottingham Spirk Family Office, USA

Peter Brigham, Senior Executive, Rosemont Multi Family Office, Monaco

Ian Ledger, Director, Landmark Management, Monaco

Ricky Husaini, Business Incubator & Chief Investment Officer, Trading Portfolio Ltd, UAE

Mario Kozma, Investment Manager, Tyrus Capital, Monaco

Imtiaz Mahtab, Managing Director, MEA & APAC regions, SkyPower Global, UAE

Borja Perez Arjuna, CEO, Grupo Timon (Spanish Family Office), Spain

Susanne Knopp, Chairman, Vision Peace Foundation, Germany

Bettina Kahles, Crypto Currency Manager, Vision Peace Foundation, Germany

Beate Knopp, Vice Chairman, Vision Peace Foundation, Germany

Feedback from previous Summits:

Anthony Ritossa, Summit Host: “We are honoured to have The Economist feature the most recent Ritossa Global Family Office Summit in Dubai in its exclusive cover story on how ‘Family Offices have Become Financial Titans’’...

"Anthony Ritossa raised the bar again exceeding expectations. It is a true honour for me to be part of the advisory board of the global family office investment summit that has become undoubtedly the most prestigious gathering of family offices in the world. This Dubai summit clearly opened business doors to Middle East for the family offices participating and their delegates and the location worked as perfect showcase for Dubai especially in the eyes of those that had never been here before like myself." Giuseppe Ambrosio, President of the Monaco Single & Multi Family Office International Association.

"I was very pleased to participate in the 8th summit in Dubai, both as a panelist and as participant. I met many interesting people and was happy to hear so many ideas and point of views. It was a great event," His Royal Highness Prince Michel de Yougoslavie, Monaco.

"The 8th global family office summit under the patronage of Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum has shown another successful growth of Anthony's initiative and vision to connect and gather UHNWI, Investors and family offices with the latest market trends and technology companies. I have attended the last three editions of the event and have seen remarkable audience, venue, quality and panel subjects being put on the table for open discussions. We are yet to be surprised by the next edition of the summit and look forward to it.” Faris M. Al Tahtamooni, Senior Manager - International Ventures, The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, UAE.

The CEO Magazine goes behind the scenes with UHNW, Royals, Outstanding Families and Inspiring Entrepreneurs at the Exclusive, Invitation-only Event in Dubai – Anthony Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summit”.

"Cultivating Anthony's mindful leadership requires a mastery of conduct—a fluency in competencies, and longterm partnerships.”

Lachlann MacDonald, The CEO Magazine. Global Sales and Marketing Director - Luxury & Lifestyle

“The 8th Global Family Office Summit event in Dubai was a crowning achievement for Anthony Ritossa and everyone who participated. It is no surprise that this is renowned as the largest and most exclusive worldwide family office gathering of all time and it is an honour to provide patronage to such an illustrious event. As at past Summits, many prominent families from around the world gathered for high level discussions about how to enrich the family legacy, grow and preserve wealth, and share ideas. We look forward to future events.” Mohamed Al Ali, CEO & Advisor, Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum International Investments Enterprise, UAE.

Chainstarter is proud to be a sponsor for our good friend and host Anthony Ritossa. His Summits are the best of the best in a perfect setting. During his recent Summit we achieved $360 million of investments”. Nick Ayton, Founder & CEO, Chainstarter, & Family Office Crypto Advisor, United Kingdom

Another outstanding Summit hosted by Ritossa Family Office. For the past couple of years, I have chaired, moderated, and spoken at many Family Offices and Investment Summits, but this one has certainly raised the bar. It was an honor to Chair & Moderate at the 8th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai”. Hussein Sayed, CNBC Arabia Anchor & Chief Market Strategist at ForexTime (FXTM), UAE

“I would like to thank you again for your kind gesture and invitation. Your wonderful Summit turned out to be the best conference I have been to. It’s only because of your splendid efforts and management, that made it so successful and highly stimulating and beneficial for all participants. I am sure that everyone must have told you this. I enjoyed the Summit very much, interesting Speakers, nice participants and the wonderful place. I do appreciate your painstaking work for the organization and engagement of the Summit , and needless to say of course , your Hospitalities, such summit involves enormous amounts of time and energy -- you must have been working so hard lately for everything to fall into place as it has. You deserve now, a well-earned rest with your lovely wife. Finally it’s certainly wonderful experience for me that your Summit has been, it brought together people from different sides of bilingualism - highly profile family offices and excellent participants. It has been an inspired decision which, in my opinion, leaves warm memories specially for me which I will treasure for the rest of my business life”. Hadi Al Alawi, Chairman & CEO, Al Hayat Group, Kingdom of Bahrain

“The Global Family Office Investment Summit was over-the-top excellent. I can’t remember meeting more interesting people or hearing more superb and relevant speakers. And on top of that, it was networking paradise. The speakers on blockchain technology have influenced not only my investing strategies but those of my sons as well. The highpoint for me was the performance of Carmen

sponsored by Roy Niederhoffer, followed by his explanation of what Carmen was really about. It was a cultural and intellectual feast. I can’t believe how happy I am to have been a part of the Summit. Thank you for your part in my being there. Very, very best, Mitzi” Mitzi Perdue, Chair, Perdue Farms, USA

“Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and congratulations again on organizing an outstanding and highly successful investment summit. I was extremely impressed with the quality of delegates you had there. Hands down, the best investment summit I had attended in a long time. I look forward to attending the event in Monaco.” Al Razavi, Managing Director, SkyPower Global, Switzerland

"Congratulations on a tremendously successful event! You have certainly raised the bar and set the new gold standard as the world's most exclusive & sophisticated gathering of Family Office Investors & prominent business owners. The content & organisation was first class & I have never seen such engaging, interactive, and thought provoking panel discussions. I made new contacts with many leading Family Office decision makers, including key family members. Thank you for opening up a new world of opportunities & I look forward to being part of your next Moncaco Summit!" Joze Oberstar, Founder and Managing Partner, Oberstar Law Office, Slovenia.

"Congratulations on an outstanding and highly successful investment summit. The event was visionary, covered critical areas of FO investments and offered a refreshing insight into the evolving landscape and shifting dynamics of FO investments. This included identifying innovative and actionable investment strategies. The calibre of speakers and attendees was also very impressive. The venue was stunning, the hospitality warm, generous and overall supported by a wonderfully relaxed ambience. By far, this has been the most compelling and enlightening investment event I've attended and I was honoured and proud to be there. Anthony, I wish you continued success with future events and I hope to re-attend their next event!" - Tahir Ashraf, Managing Partner and PE Fund Manager of the Year 2016 (Wealth & Finance International Magazine) - Inception Capital Management, USA.

“Thank you so much for inviting us to the Monaco Family Office Summit. Was a superbly organised event and with an eclectic mix of people. Best FO event I’ve been to!” Paula Pandolfino, CEO, LWL CA Limited, SFO, United Kingdom

“Sandeep Sharma, CFA, Principal & Founder, had the privilege of joining an esteemed panel of elite investors at The Monaco Global Family Office Investment Summit to discuss global macro Mega Trends, Geopolitical Risks & Economic challenges for 2018 and beyond. Thank you, Anthony Ritossa, for hosting such a meaningful investment summit. The caliber of attendees and topics addressed were second to none.” Cassie Waller, Chief Operating Officer, Syntax Research, Florida.

"I had been told it was a conference by and for family offices, and I felt this was very attractive as it enables genuine relationships and out-of-the-box viewpoints. What I did not expect is that there would be such a family spirit both within the organizing team and between the attendees. This summit is becoming the ultimate family of family offices worldwide." Pierre-Yves Cahart, Managing Director, Sienna Investment Group, Switzerland

“Thank you for your invitation to be part of the truly terrific event that you put together. It was a privilege to be part of this event, and I was impressed by the very exclusive list of attendees”. Théodore Economou, CIO, Lombard Odier Asset Management, Switzerland

“What made your conference unique is how interesting, intelligent and fun the delegates are. Paired with a bespoke agenda, the conference highlighted the distinctive challenges, passions and personalities of many family offices. Would definitely attend again!” Victor Long, CEO & Co-Founder, Meta Alpha, USA

“The Global Family Office Summit was a real success! It was not only great content and quality participation but also meeting old friends and making new ones. Thank you!” Deniz Misir, Family Officer, V22, Turkey

“Thank you very much for the awesome hospitality and an incredible great event. It was well beyond my expectations.” Baris Kaya, Founding Partner, BK Systematic Strategies, Turkey

“Thank you again for the invitation to join you in Monaco. It was truly an excellent event and we look forward to working with you in the future.” Hans H. Wahl, Director, Social Impact Initiative, INSEAD, The Business School for the World. France

“Thank you for having BCA participate in your summit last week. It was an incredibly interesting event and one that I look forward to participating again in the future.” Angus Hume, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Sales, BCA Research Inc. United Kingdom

“I wanted to thank you personally for the invite to the Monaco conference. I enjoyed it immensely and met some interesting people - and was delighted that NeuroRx - one of our portfolio companies - was a sponsor.” Patrick Aisher, Chairman, Kinled Holding Ltd. Hong Kong

“The Monaco Family Office Summit was really great, congratulations for this event.” Georges Demarti, President, Patrimoine & Sérénité SAS, France

“Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful event. You seem to have found the elusive balance between single family office principals/officers and a carefully curated collection a few service providers and other parties with overlapping interests. Well done! Secondly, I wanted to thank you for providing me with the opportunity to attend the Summit. I truly enjoyed myself and appreciated the relaxed atmosphere and hope to be able to attend another of your events in the near future.” William Dougherty, CIO, QdN Partners, Switzerland

"Never attended such a quality summit globally", Family Member, SFO, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

"An elegant and successful event", Principle, SFO, UAE.

"Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and for organising such a great summit, the people you brought together were all wonderful." Family Member, SFO, Kingdom of Bahrain.

"I was positively surprised by the quality of all the delegates at the summit. Congratulations, this is the only family office must attend event!' " Principle, SFO, Sultanate of Oman

"The Summit was a unique blend of insights and opportunity to develop deep relationships at a very personal level with all participants – attendees, delegates and service providers. It far exceeded my already lofty expectations thanks to your dedicated efforts in thoughtfully organizing the summit as well the candor of the families. We at Syntax are truly appreciative of the opportunity to participate and look forward to becoming a valued, contributing member on an ongoing basis." Sandeep Sharma, CFA | Principal | Syntax Research, Inc. USA

"It was a pleasure speaking at the Summit. I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions, interactive panels and high caliber attendees. Thank you and well done"! Nabil Nazer, CIO, Al Sulaiman Group, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

"It was a real pleasure to attend the Summit! We were very happy with the event and with the contacts we made." Karl Tonna, Chief Investment Officer, FMG Funds, Malta

"Congratulations on a fantastic summit! It was great interacting with some of the most influential family offices in the region and hearing their thoughts. Thank you as well for the opportunity to participate as a panelist." Anat Jatia, Founder, Greenland Investment Management, India

"Excellently organised and extremely professional. The panels and discussions were focused and beneficial to all the participants on various levels. As new-comers we were warmly welcomed and well received, thank you. We enjoyed both days immensely. Congratulations again on a wonderful event!" Nicky Sakpoba & Debbie Gispan, Directors, Panoba - Executive Lifestyle Services, UK

“Just a short note to congratulate you on another outstanding event. The quality of speakers and participants was exceptional and sets the gold standard for the industry.” Tony Hadjiloucas. PwC, Partner, In charge of Private Wealth Services, Cyprus

Thank you so much for having me at your amazing summit. I enjoyed the ease of conversation, the friendly atmosphere allowing for good conversation and adding to one ́s knowledge by better understanding what other family investors are focused on or how they are approaching new ideas. It feels that new dialogues have opened and will be maintained." Werner Schuenemann, Principal, Patrick Liotard Vogt Family Office, Switzerland

“Anthony - thank you for having me! Great event and great panelists, I look forward to participating in your future events!” Onsi Sawiris, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, HOF Capital, USA

Congratulations on a successful event! “I really enjoyed the international attendance as well as the well selected panels. I particularly enjoyed the several panels on current trends.” David Konig, Director, SMK Realty & Investments, USA

Thanks for the invite! I really enjoyed the conference, the people and your organization. The value was much more than I ever expected!” David W. Traylor, Senior Managing Director, Golden Eagle Partners

“Had a really great time and enjoyed speaking and meeting great people. Congratulate on such a successful event!” Aneel Ranadive, Managing Partner Soma Capital, & Sacramento Kings Ownership, USA

“Thank you for having us at the Family Office Summit. It was an enjoyable event with very thoughtful investors and I'm grateful to you!” Darsh Singh, Managing Partner, Hazoor Partners, USA

“Congratulations on a fabulous and well executed event! Thanks so very much for having made it possible for me to take part in you event. It allowed for me to meet so many nice and prominent people. I am forever grateful!!!” Jeanette Pressman, Dezer Platinum Realty, USA

“Thanks very much for a wonderful conference.” Stephen Kennedy Smith, Principal, The Park Agency - Joseph P. Kennedy Enterprises, The Kennedy Family Office, USA

"It was a real honour & such an amazing experience meeting with Royal Family Members, Merchant Families, Family Offices, Private Banks & Sovereign Wealth Funds during the Summit." CNBC TV Interview - Giles Hannah, Head of International at Dubai Properties, UAE

Pre Summit Sunset Networking Reception

Meet your fellow delegates at the ultra exclsuive Moanco Yacht Club as we enjoy a Mediterranean sunset & regional hors d’oeuvres. Hosted by:

Date: 18th June Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm Location: The Yacht Club de Monaco

____________________________________ 9th Global Family Office Investment Summit

DAY 1: 19 June 2019, Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel

8:30 Registration, networking, one-on-one meetings, morning Mediterranean refreshments

9:90 Master of Ceremonies Welcoming Opening Remarks


40 mins

Opening Keynote Panel Session: Elite Investor Insights for 2019 & Beyond Top global investors take a look at current Mega Trends, Geopolitical Risks & Economic challenges for 2019 and beyond, detailing their proprietary views of the global landscape. - An ultra exclusive look on where elite investors are looking to deploy capital and strategies on

how to protect our portfolios from various risks.


40 mins

Keynote Panel Session: Spot Light on the Middle East This exclusive session provides us with meaningful insights as we take a deep dive into the Middle East investment landscape and we will hear more about the appetite for capital being deployed outside the Gulf.


15 mins

Keynote Thought Leadership: Exclusive Secrets of a Top Performing & Award Winning - - - Money Manager. A unique look at ways that Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms boost portfolio returns. Deep dive into how technology is shaping today’s investment landscape. Where the world’s smartest investors are putting their money.

Michael Young, CEO, Mediatrix Capital Inc, Bahamas

11:10 Morning Networking Break with Mediterranean Refreshments & Delicacies

11:55 30 mins Keynote Panel Session: Healthcare, Biotech & Life Sciences


35 mins

Keynote Panel Session: "The Eternal Flame Inside Our Families & the DNA of Success" - Leading Family Offices share their inside stories of how their businesses started, grew and - - - - evolved into major power houses. What are their views of the current environment and exclusive visions for the future? What are their strategies for transitioning their empire to the next generation? Identifying the top challenges in the family business continuity. Fostering leadership while incorporating the right governance structure for your business' best - interest. Balancing between corporate governance and family governance for better control

1:00 Networking Lunch as we enjoy catching up with old friends and meeting new ones


35 mins

Panel Session: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Based Learning The reason why people are so interested in Machine Learning and why people talk about it but very few actually do it is because it's a paradigm shift to how things have been done before. We take a deep dive into this space.

3:05 Keynote Presentation: Crypto Capital Markets - What’s to come in 2019?

Nick Ayton, Founder & CEO, Chainstarter, & Family Office Digital Asset Advisor, UK,

3:25 "Batter Up!" Best Ideas Pitching - Exciting opportunities from around the world have just 5

minutes to present their best investment idea for the next 12-24 months.

4:30 Networking refreshments break

5:00 Interactive Round Tables: With peer learning and interaction in mind, these 60 minute breakout sessions are designed to promote the sharing of experiences and brainstorming of ideas in facilitated and balanced discussions.

Table 1: Making it happen in Monaco. We take a look at setting up your Family Office, living & nuances of doing business in Monte Carlo. Hosted by: President of The Monaco Single & Multi-Family Office International Association

Table 2: High Alpha: A presentation from the World’s Top Performing Trade Algorithm.

Table 3: In a Reverse QE Environment - High Return Event Driven Investing.

Table 4: Advanced Therapies: Venture upside on Public markets.

Table 5: Digital transformation of industry - is there a benefit though Blockchain Technology ?

Table 6: Key Trends in Crypto Trading.

Table 7: Weak capital markets, rising interest rates: The case for European Growth Capital

Table 8: Investing in Blockchain Opportunities with real revenues and profits.

6:00- 8:00

Networking Cocktail Gala Reception. Join us as we unwind and relax with fellow industry professionals

Family Office Awards presented by the Monaco Single and Multi-Family Office International Association: Giuseppe Ambrosio & Daniel McVicar

9th Global Family Office Investment Summit

DAY 2: 20 June 2018, Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel

8:30 Morning refreshments & networking

9:00 Master of Ceremonies Welcoming Opening Remarks

9:05 Keynote Thought Leadership Presentation:

Sir Stelios Haji-loannou, Founder of EasyJet Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, Monaco


40 mins

Keynote Panel Session: Thinking Outside the Box in Dynamic Low Yield Environment Central Banks are exploring ways how and when to raise interest rates. The global economy now finds itself at an important and significant inflection point; politically, economically and technologically. The commodity community is carefully watching oil prices and seeing what the new normal will be. Digital assets such as the various cryptocurrencies & new blockchain technologies have emerged. Against this backdrop, clear patterns of switching between asset classes have emerged. We will explore further: - What are the implications for our portfolios as Central Banks start to decrease monetary - - - - stimulus? But are we stuck in a new ultra low interest rate environment for the foreseeable future? What alternative asset classes are well suited for the current market environment? What strategies or assets do we need to consider exiting? What about renewable energy? Precious metals? Agriculture? Real estate? Real assets?

Venture Capital? Various Digital Assets?

10:00 35 mins Panel Session: Fintech, Digital Assets, & Security Token Offerings (STOs)


35 mins

Panel Session: "Buckle Your Seat Belt?" - What Options do Families have for insurance against market volatility? Experts, forecasters, commentators & researchers predict that the next five years will bring more volatility - - and unpredictability. With increased global connectivity are there assets that are truly uncorrelated? We take a unique look at various strategies that family offices have adopted which provide

downside protection and generate real returns.

11:10 Morning Networking Break with Refreshments & Mediterranean Delicacies.

11:35 25 mins Panel Session: What Happened to my Banker?

12:00 40 mins Panel Session: Blockchain & Business - Delivering Real World Benefits


40 mins

Panel Session: Spot Light on Co-Investment Opportunities Some of the savviest families amongst us have made tremendous multi generational wealth from cherry picking the best off market co-investment deals. We will have an exclusive opportunity to hear about some new co-investments that are ripe for the picking.

1:20 Networking Lunch

Keynote 2:30

Panel Session: “Great wealth is created by human beings and destroyed by human beings.” 30 mins

- With the biggest threat to family enterprises being behavioural risk of the humans, we take a look at “Safe Space, Governance in Action” as a tool for effective negotiations within family dynamics. - Where does behavioural risk get in the way of negotiating and more importantly how creating a Safe Space ensures a more effective and efficient Governance structure within the family and the enterprise.


40 mins

Keynote Panel Session: Impact & Socially Responsible Investment Opportunities With the growing interest from families, we take a look at the nuances of this space, and hear - - directly from top international thought leaders. What do the next generation of impact investors care about? What are the different trends in impact investing?


40 mins

Exclusive Closing Keynote Panel Session: Top International Family Offices Share Their Best Secret Proprietary Investment Ideas During this ultra exclusive closing session we end the Monaco Summit with a deep dive into some of the greatest investment minds who will share their portfolio & investment secrets as well as make us think about what to look out for, how you're investing, and why? We will hear views on the next major investment trends and cycles & and how best to

capitalise on the biggest opportunities with 2-3 times investment returns.

4:20 Master of Ceremonies Closing Remarks

4:30 Closing Networking Reception. Join us and unwind with fellow industry professionals

during our last networking break of the day & summit!

Registration Fee: EUR 4,900

Summit delegates have access to a special discounted room rate of €249 per night (all inclusive of breakfast, taxes, & WiFi) at the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel. Discount Code provided upon registration. Only a limited number of rooms available. The Hotel is expected to sell out during the Summit for a 3rd year in a row.

Please Note: Registration is subject to Advisory Board approval. Upon approval payment instructions will be provided.

Cancellation Policy: 1. If you are unable to attend your place is transferable. 2. Invoiced amounts are due in full and no refunds are issued. 3. If you register but cannot attend, you will be provided with conference documentation. 4. Rights are reserved to amend the conference program and schedule without notice. 5. No responsibility from any costs occurred due to any changes or cancellations.

To request an invitation please email: 

Please visit