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Sampling Programs

FSIS produces a number of comprehensive reports related to the Agency's sampling programs. These reports allow FSIS to publicly share information about the Agency's' sampling programs, discuss the statistical and policy basis for these programs and future changes to develop new programs and modify existing programs.

FSIS released the Report on the Food Safety and Inspection Service Microbiological and Residue Sampling Programs in December 2011, which identified all of FSIS’ sampling programs and discussed the statistical and policy basis for the programs

FSIS releases a new sampling plan each fiscal year.  The sampling plans describe FSIS’ major activities related to microbiological and chemical residue sampling in domestic establishments, import, and in-commerce facilities during the fiscal year and the Agency’s overall strategy for directing its sampling resources for the following year.  The Annual Sampling Program Plans can be found below:

Annual Sampling Program Plans (PDF only)

FY 2019, Nov 2018 FY 2018, Dec 2017 FY 2017, Oct 2016 FY 2016, Oct 2015 FY 2015, Nov 2014
FY 2014, Dec 2013 FY 2013, Nov 2012 FY 2012, Feb 2012

FSIS also releases the Annual Catalog of Sampling Projects which lists the various project and test codes for the Agency’s sampling programs.

FSIS 2018 Annual Catalog of Sampling Projects (Nov 2018; XLS Only)

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