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Laboratories and Procedures

FSIS laboratories monitor and analyze production processes, identify and evaluate potential foodborne hazards, determine estimates of risk to human health, and respond to recognized, emerging, or potential threats to the food supply.

Test tubes

List of ALP Laboratories

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Testing for E. coli

Laboratory Methods 
Access the Microbiology Laboratory Guidebook, Chemistry Laboratory Guidebook, and Pathology Laboratory Guidebook.

Egg breaking equipment

List of Pasteurized Egg Products Recognized Laboratories (PDF Only)
This list of member laboratories will be updated every six months, approximately. 

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Accredited Laboratory Program

The Accredited Laboratory Program (ALP) accredits nonfederal analytical chemistry laboratories to analyze meat and poultry food products for moisture, protein, fat, and salt (MPFS) content, and/or certain specific classes of chemical residues.

FSIS Laboratories

The laboratories coordinate and conduct analytical services in support of the Agency's farm-to-table strategies.

Guidebooks and Methods

The Guidebooks contain current protocols for analytical tests required by FSIS regulatory activities on meat, poultry and egg products. They are:

Pasteurized Egg Product Recognized Laboratory Program

Pasteurized Egg Products Recognized Laboratory (PEPRLab) Program laboratories perform Salmonella analysis on official surveillance samples of pasteurized egg products.