Proof of Vaccines using Blockchain

Providing immutable digital evidence for individuals before true herd immunity

Covid-19 is raging through our society but there is hope in the future hope of the vaccine.  Incredible advances in science and Biotech have enabled the creation of a vaccine that promises to return global life to normal. Beyond just scheduling and administering citizens to get not one but 2 shots society is now considering that proof of a vaccine or a health passport may be required.  The advances in Biotech have had great resources the advances in proof of a vaccine are almost non-existent.

Today’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are not designed for information sharing outside of the medical community. On the contrary, they have been designed to comply with HIPPA and the consent mechanism that is used in the health care setting. Consumers are given small paper vaccine booklets to remind them of what vaccines they have, and most consumers do not know where their booklets are. These paper records will not stand up to global fraud for Travel and Access.

 Requirements to prove a vaccine or a negative test is already being put in place by politicians and regulators around the world.

Two examples

1. In the Cayman Islands you must be inforced a quarantine for 14 days, but they have just added that if you have a vaccine it will not be required. (Vaccinated travelers to be exempted from quarantine - Cayman Compass )
2. Puerto Rico (USA) CDC Guidelines Viral test 1-3 days before trip self-quarantine for 10 days

These simple requirement creates demand for fake proof of a vaccine and will result in serious damage to public health as everyone learns to Lie.

Liken to proof of legal drinking age. Most nineteen-year-olds in college have a fake ID that comes from China to prove they are of age. Today, in the 21st century we still do not have digital proof of the legal drinking age.  Verity will provide Proof of a vaccine as part of the mass vaccination process. 

There is also an operational need for proof of a vaccine because of the two-shot regime. It will be critical for the consumer to have a record of the first shot that cannot be easily cloned or altered so they can have priority in getting the second shot when the time comes.  Producing digital evidence that can be easily recorded and reproduced when required. And creating a transaction log that cannot be easily compromised.