Verity One, the world’s premier track and trace, cradle to grave verification Company, is pleased to announce its new global app for Covid testing and vaccination status.  The Company has been developing this product and will soon be releasing it for public use through healthcare Providers, Hospitals, Clinics, as well as travel versions for organizations such as TSA, Airports, Airlines, Cruise ships, Bus, Train, and rental vehicle facilities.  It is likely that the product will also be required for transportation companies using commercial services for logistics carriers, trucking industry, railroad, and offshore shipping.  Oil and Gas Companies, as well as Utility Companies, will also be target partners for the app-based service.

 The simplicity of the product is to allow users desiring travel or work requirements to be able to produce electronic proof that they have received a vaccination, what type, when and when, and/or where they were last tested for covid and for what type of variation of the disease.  Future generations of the app will allow for other evidence-based healthcare to be tracked and traced for any future reason.