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Future Farmers of America (“FFA”) 2019 Fund Raising

We developed a Fundraising Program for (FFA). Essentially, we would ask the 669,989 student members of the (FFA) to assist Verity™ in certifying the more than two million five hundred thousand commercial USA farms. As these students have direct synergy with family farms, they represent an outstanding source. Verity can offer unparalleled fundraising and scholarship programs to benefit FFA student members.

As the chart below shows, participation by only 10% of the membership can equal in excess of $5.5 Million, and Verity™ may also offer additional scholarships to students. With only 25% of the student Order Here s participating, $28 Million, and even more in scholarships; while 75% participation could bring FFA nearly $85 Million: all of which would provide substantial benefit to this incredible group and its students.

Potential Fundraising for the FAA

The chart below shows the results if each of the 693,000 Student Members only signs up ONE SMALL farm

Participation % of FFA members whom each member signs up one farm

% participation of FFA members

# of Farms signed up

1st Payment Audit & 1st Month

 11 Months Total

 FFA Annual Total








 $          2,177,464

 $        3,684,940

 $        5,862,404



 $          4,555,925

 $        7,369,879

 $       11,925,804



 $         10,887,321

 $      18,424,698

 $       29,312,019



 $         21,774,643

 $      36,849,395

 $       58,624,038



 $         32,661,964

 $      55,274,093

 $       87,936,056


Above numbers are based on special pricing to small farms, charging a one-time set-up fee of

$550 (documentation and verification fee) plus their first month’s licensing and compliance of

$100, for a total of $650. FFA would receive a ten percent commission of $65 then FFA would also receive ten percent of the next eleven month’s fees charged at $100 per month equaling $90. For each small farm signed up, FFA would receive $155 Commission.

Note: These fees are based on small farms, tracking 1 Bundle = 10 SKU’s at $100 per month.

Each additional bundle would be billed at an additional $100 per month and FFA (and your group) would be commissioned accordingly.

We believe that the FFA was an ideal group with which to share this opportunity. Their annual fundraising had consisted of plant and citrus sales, and other events that have no

way of matching the revenue potential of this program. We would tier prizing and gamify the fundraiser program using technology to deliver marketing communications, track results and distribute awards.

Buy American Act:13788

This is an opportunity to help USA beef and pork ranchers while ensuring the quality of foods served to military personnel, government hospital patients and staff and students in K-12. The USDA is required to purchase foods grown in or produced in the USA under the BAA.

Authentic US beef is delivered by ranchers to the big four meat packers, it is often comingled with beef from other countries. In part, this is done because packers can more easily control costs for the beef they purchase from the US.

In recommending to packers that they certify their beef products, Secretary Perdue ensures adherence to BAA, TAA and the Berry Amendment regulations and at the same time, promotes the growth and wellbeing of American farmers and ranchers.

Furthermore, packers would be able to designate certifications for Kobe, Argentinian, Canadian, Brazilian beef, again, higher quality drives consumer demand and improves price positions. In addition, certifications can be created for specific types of cattle, e.g., Hereford, Angus, and Wagyu with the same outcome, higher consumer demand.

The core business issue is simple, ranchers and many farmers have no incentive to certify their herds and the meat packers are missing out on significant opportunities to drive demand for high-quality beef. For example, certifying produced in USA beef simplifies the procurement process for governmental agencies by creating a repository of certified meat packers.

We would look to you to assist in papering this program properly to abide by whatever state regulations and rules to which we need to abide are addressed and followed. Please let us know of any questions.

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