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Verity One is the first and only Company to provide track and trace verification for Covid products (Masks) now we have added COVID 19 vaccinations.  Whether you desire to have reduced hassle travel or avoid certain restrictions that are likely to be imposed on those who have not been vaccinated, it is time to verify your status through Verity One.

The process is simple, as you check out, you simply upload the certification signed by the doctor or clinic that rendered your vaccine shot or shots.  If you do not have evidence, we have a template for the Provider Center that performed the vaccination service for you to have signed.  We will provide verification metrics to validate that your vaccination was provided using our algorithmic system.  In this way, you can simply show our app to whoever wants to verify your status. 

Subsequent vaccinations can be updated.  You will also get a reminder that your vaccination should be updated at least annually.

The cost to participate is $9.95 per person.  Never leave your house being unprotected and unverified so that you are not excluded from gatherings or travel restrictions based on non-verification of vaccine status. 

Let Verity One, the first and only government-approved Company to verify your status.


       When the vaccine is given is the consumer provided with a unique transactional record and ID that can be used as evidence of the event?

       When the vaccine is provided is the unique ID of the bottle or batch logged and consumed as part of that transaction.

While the evidence data is captured within the medical systems EMR how can the consumer share this data with a relying party to assure the vaccine was provided?

       How is consumer biometrics or Identity bound to the record so that it cannot be easily shared or cloned? 

Can third-party applications leverage this information for Proof of a vaccine to other relying parties like regulators?  (an Airline proving to FAA or to the destination airport that everyone on the plan is either vaccinated or has a negative test or both)

       How can a hospital in one region know the patient has had the first shot when they are visiting a second facility for the second shot?   How does the patient prove the first vaccination to get priority for the second shot of the same type?

      What will be the regulatory and compliance requirements for Proof of a vaccine and how can we all enable a manageable global solution.  A nimble and flexible solution needs to be developed that can adapt to the changing standards quickly.

       How do we know the shots given are real? How is the supply chain data captured within the medical record?  (batch, bottle, hospital….)  Fake drugs have been an issue worldwide how do we prevent fake vaccine.