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Verity One Ltd. has developed a user coin, ‘VRTY’, that powers the Verity One™ protocol. This coin makes sure the products that say Made in the USA are truly Made in the USA.  The VRTY coin is required to generate blockchain events, unique signatures, and actions within the system. The Verity One™ system compensates users/consumers via earning tokens with each action like scanning, reporting FRAUD, database lookup, comment, social share adding products to the database and business/producers purchase VRTY tokens which are then processed by the Verity One™ and is the VRTY coins are the internal currency for verification, certification, and data services.

President Donald Trump signed Executive Order #13788 into effect reinforcing the Buy American Act and requiring the US government to start implementing more ‘Buy American and Hire American’ policies with additional scrutiny. This not only affects manufacturers/vendors that sell to the US government, but also farmers that supply produce to school districts, government facilities, and more

Verity, Inc. is the international leader in Country of Origin verification and supply chain management, exceeding guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commissions for Made in, Service in, Product of, and Grown in USA Claims. Verity, Inc. is making it simple and affordable for businesses, farmers, and growers to comply.

Verity One™ is using a bifurcated blockchain platform and network. Verity’s  Managed Services Platform (MSP) is an integrated systems and technologies such as Ethereum Blockchain, IBM’s Hyperledger Blockchain, IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The Verity One™ system and protocol allows manufacturers, brands, retailers, and producers to assign unique trackable tags, including the current UPC and PLU S/N, to a unique digital signature that is applicable to products, services, or any digital good that can be transferred, issued, or traded both on and offline. All of the unique digital signatures are stored on the Verity One™ network, and the data can be queried for location, time, date, lot, temperature, manufacturer, origin, as well as provide the identification and verification of the data collector or device.

The Verity protocol is the foundation of the Verity One™ Application Program Interface (API) ecosystem. This system’s primary function is to build application-level verification services that can be integrated with any existing e-commerce/retail stores, applications, or services. This revolutionary ecosystem extends verification technology and systems to markets and marketing claims that “global consumers demand of”  third-party verification services, such as: MADE in USA; Underwriters Laboratories (UL); Religious designation such as Kosher (U), or Halal; Country of Origin; Organic; Non-GMO; Apparel and Fashion; Industrial; Technology; Produce; Raw Materials; Diamond;,Beef;Educational;Materials;Marijuana/ Cannabis Products; Digitally Licensed Services, and many other verticals.

ERC20 Compatible Digital Wallet required